Nextdoor Privacy Policy

Last updated on May 20, 2019. This Privacy Policy is effective May 20, 2019 for new members and June 1, 2019 for existing members. To review the previous policy, please click here.

Welcome to Nextdoor! We invite you to read this privacy policy, which explains our privacy practices and how we treat your personal information. It describes the types of personal information collected and created in connection with your use of Nextdoor, how and why we use such information, who we share it with, and your legal rights. Unless indicated otherwise, this privacy policy (“Policy”) applies to all our websites, domains, apps, products, services, and features (the “Services”).

For residents of the European Union (EU), please note that this Policy has been updated in accordance with the requirements of the EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). For residents of the US and non-EU countries by visiting, joining, or using Nextdoor, or otherwise indicating that you agree to this Policy, you consent to and authorise our use of your personal information as described in this Policy.

When you use Nextdoor there are expectations for how you must respect and protect the privacy of other members. These expectations are detailed  in our Member Agreement. Please read it. Violating these rules or other aspects of the Member Agreement may lead to a loss of account privileges, potentially including a permanent ban from Nextdoor.

1.0 What is Nextdoor?

Nextdoor is a private social network for neighbourhoods; we hope that neighbours everywhere will use the Nextdoor platform to build stronger and safer neighbourhoods around the world.

We use “Nextdoor” here to refer to our Services and we also use “Nextdoor”, “we”, “us” and “our” to refer to the companies operating our Services.

2.0 Who provides the Services and controls my information?

If you live in the United States, the Services are operated and provided to you by Nextdoor, Inc.

If you live in the EU or elsewhere outside the United States, the Services are operated and provided to you by Nextdoor EMEA Limited, an Irish company. For the purposes of EU data protection law, Nextdoor EMEA Limited is the controller of your information.

If you change your residence your information will be dealt with as specified above, according to your new residence from the date on which your place of residence changes.

3.0 Our legal bases

Under EU law we are required to specify the legal bases which we rely on to use your information for the purposes called out in this Privacy Policy. Such legal bases include your consent, our legitimate interests, and the necessity to perform the Member Agreement and provide the Services. Learn more about our legal bases here.

4.0 Information we collect

When we provide the Services, we collect or receive information in several different ways. In many cases you choose what information to provide. Some information is required in order to use Nextdoor and for us to provide the Services.  We use this information for the purposes described further below.

Note that not all Nextdoor account types and features are available in all locations, so some of the examples below may not apply where you live.

4.1 From you, or with your permission – we collect a variety of information from you when you provide it to us directly, when we request it from you, or when you give us permission to get it from a third party source.  Some examples of these instances are as follows:

    • When you sign up for Nextdoor you provide your name, address, phone number, profile photo, email address and similar information.
    • If you decide to invite new members to join Nextdoor you can choose to share their residential or email address with us, or share your contacts with us, so we can send an invitation and follow-up reminders to potential new members on your behalf.
    • If you want to join Nextdoor or to use a service on Nextdoor that is yet to be introduced to your neighbourhood, you can choose to give us your contact information and ask us to notify you when we do.
    • If you use Facebook to log in to Nextdoor (or later connect your Facebook  account to your Nextdoor account) you authorise Facebook to share your personal information with us, including your name and email address.
    • If you want to support a local business, you can choose to share information about it, in the form of a recommendation or by creating a business page.
    • If you want to help your neighbours and Nextdoor get to know you better, you may share information about yourself in your profile, including  your interests, skills, or even what you love about your neighbourhood.
    • If you want to connect and communicate with neighbours about specific interests, you may share information about your interests.
    • If you want to communicate with your neighbours and share content (as defined in our Member Agreement), you might post something on Nextdoor.
    • If you want to allow us to show you where you are on your neighbourhood map, tag your posts, photos and events by location, or verify your address (where available), you can enable sharing this in your settings.
    • If you contact support, you are providing us with your contact information and a description of the issue so we can respond.
    • If you make a payment either to or through Nextdoor, you are providing our trusted third party payment processors with certain payment information in order to complete the transaction.
  • If you take part in surveys or other general research we undertake, you may provide information in response.

4.2 From your browser and device – like nearly every other online service, we automatically collect technical information when you visit or use Nextdoor or read a message from us. We collect information from your browser, computer, or mobile device. This provides us with technical information when you use Nextdoor as a visitor or a member, including:

    • Device data which tells us about the device you’re using, what type and model it is, its operating system and version, its unique identifier, crash data (if applicable), and what settings you’ve enabled. Your device and software settings affect what information your device makes available to us.
    • Log data which is automatically recorded by our servers based on data sent by your app or browser. This typically includes the date and time you visited, the browser or app version you used (and its settings), the URLs you come from and go to, your IP address and protocol and how you used Nextdoor (for example, which links you clicked on).
    • Cookie data which comes from “cookies” (small data files stored on your computer or mobile device) and similar technologies. Cookie data helps us recognise you, remember your preferences, and personalise your experience. Our third party advertising partners also use cookies and similar technologies to collect information about users for advertising purposes as described below. Some, but not all cookie data, is associated with your Nextdoor account. To learn more about the use of cookie data on Nextdoor and your choices for limiting it see our Cookie Policy.
  • Pixels, SDKs and other storage technologies, which operate similar to cookies, are used by us, as well as by certain third parties, such as social media networks and advertiser platforms, to collect or receive information from our and other websites and apps to provide measurement services and target ads. You can opt-out of the third parties’ (such as a social media network or advertiser platform) collection and use of information for ad targeting by updating your account ad settings with the third party or by following the instructions in our Cookie Policy.

4.3 From third parties and public sources – we engage third party service providers and partners to provide us with information and we also use publicly available sources. For example:

    • Vendors provide us with map information in order to create and launch new neighbourhoods.
    • Vendors may provide information about members and their homes for advertising analytics, personalisation and measurement.
    • Advertisers may provide us with information about their users or customers to help us personalse advertising or measure the performance of their advertisements.
  • Public sources, such as census data, street addresses, property lot maps, and postal address change information, provide us with information that helps us understand our members and potential areas for expansion.

5.0 How we use your information

We use the information we have to help us provide, operate, improve, understand, customise, support, and market our Services.

5.1 Establishing and developing neighbourhoods – we use information to identify and invite potential new members to Nextdoor and to set up new Nextdoor neighbourhoods. For example, we use the information we have to identify new members and, if you ask us to, send invitations and reminders on your behalf, send direct mail invitations, invite your Facebook friends, or notify you when we start offering the Services to your neighbourhood.

5.2 Setting you up on Nextdoor – in order to enable us to operate and provide the Services, we use certain information to get you started on Nextdoor:

    • For residential members – we verify that you live at the address you gave us through a combination of your address and a second factor.  The second factors we use may include a code we provide you, the address associated with your credit card, manual verification by the member or Leads (as defined in our Member Agreement) who invited you, or geo-verification, if you are offered and choose that option. We also use public registries to block addresses of registered sex offenders in the United States (and other countries where permitted by law).
    • We may notify Leads of new members as they join the neighbourhood and for neighbours whose addresses need to be verified, Leads may be able to see the portion of the neighbour’s address that is shared with the neighbourhood. To learn more about Leads, click here.
    • If you sign up via Facebook or connect your accounts, we use your Facebook information to automatically create your Nextdoor account, populate your profile, and request a password so you can log into Nextdoor in the future without connecting through Facebook.
    • Once you register your personal information is used to populate your profile.
    • We use business information to create Business Pages, which help members learn about the businesses in their communities. To claim your Business Page, click here.
    • For business or other special accounts, we may verify your address using third-party or publicly available sources, such as business listings or your website.
  • When you sign up for Nextdoor you have the opportunity to ask Nextdoor to send invitations to nearby households that are not on Nextdoor. These invitations contain your name and street address and are only addressed to nearby households (and do not generally contain recipient householders’ names).

5.3 Provide and improve the Services – we use both manual and automated systems to analyse and use your content (as defined in the Member Agreement) and other information:

    • To operate Nextdoor and improve our products and features.
    • To help you publish content and view and respond to content from other members, based on your posting selections you make when you create your post.
    • To highlight popular neighbourhood topics or resources on a neighbourhood’s public home page or an organisation’s public page.
    • To select top posts in an area and to deliver and tailor your newsfeed.
    • To highlight businesses you may wish to recommend based on your activity on Nextdoor.
    • To help support businesses recommended by Nextdoor members.
    • To personalise your experience.
    • To understand the trends, usage statistics and demographic data of the members and neighbourhoods we serve.
    • To respond to your support requests and comments.
    • To test and evaluate potential new products and features on Nextdoor.
    • To diagnose and resolve problems, analyse trends and monitor usage and resource needs.
    • For our own marketing activities, such as carrying out analysis to create statistics on and insights into the use of our Services.
  • To accept payments, through our trusted third party payment processors.

5.4 Advertising – we use your information to provide and improve advertisements and other commercial offerings both on and off the Services:

    • To measure whether an advertisement was interesting to members.
    • To measure whether an advertisement was effective for the advertiser.
    • To help personalise advertisements based on what we think will be of interest to you.
    • To provide and measure the effectiveness of personalised advertising.
  • To improve the personalisation of advertisements.

We may customise advertising offers you see on Nextdoor based on information from our advertisers or vendors, on the demographics of your neighbourhood, or on your actions on Nextdoor. For example, a home services company might provide a list of addresses eligible for a special deal that we may offer to Nextdoor members who live at those addresses. Or, if you search on Nextdoor for a particular product, we might show you advertisements for providers of that product or related or similar products. Our third party advertising partners also use cookies and similar technologies to collect information about members for advertising purposes as described below and in our Cookie Policy.

6.0 Your Choices

You can read more here about the choices you have regarding the sharing and visibility of your profile information, content and location information; your communications with Nextdoor members and invitations to non-members; moving your account to a new neighbourhood; and deactivating or deleting your Nextdoor account. You can modify these account settings at any time.

7.0 Your Rights

You benefit from a number of rights in relation to your information that we process. While some of these rights apply generally, certain rights apply only in certain limited cases. We describe these rights below.

In certain cases, such as for access to, rectification or deletion of your information, please be sure to read the options you have under  the ‘Your Choices’ section above.

7.1 Access and porting – you can access much of your Nextdoor information by logging into your Nextdoor account. For EU member accounts, if you require additional access or if you are not currently a Nextdoor member, email us at to request a copy of your Nextdoor information. Where legally required, we will provide your information in an easily accessible format and assist in transferring some of this information to third parties.

7.2 Rectify, restrict, delete – you can also rectify, restrict, or delete much of your Nextdoor information by logging into your Nextdoor account. If you cannot do this or you do not have a Nextdoor account, please contact us. As described above in ‘Your Choices’, you have a number of options to rectify, restrict or delete your information, including your Nextdoor account.

7.3 Object – if we process your information based on our legitimate interests explained above, or in the public interest, and you have an EU member account, you can object to this processing in certain circumstances. In such cases, we will cease processing your information unless we have compelling legitimate grounds to continue processing or where it is needed for legal reasons. Where we use your data for direct marketing, you can always object by using the unsubscribe link in such communications, changing your email account settings or, if you do not have an account, by contacting us.

7.4 Revoke consent – you can withdraw your consent to email marketing by using the unsubscribe link in such communications or by changing your email account settings. You can also revoke any consent you have provided to us for our collection of your geolocation information by changing the settings on your mobile device. In addition, if you have an EU member account and you have previously provided your consent, you have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of your information at any time. If you withdraw your consent to the use of your information for the purposes set out in this Policy, you may not have access to all (or any) of our Services and we might not be able to provide you all (or any) of the Services under this Policy and our Member Agreement. In certain cases, we may continue to process your information after you have withdrawn consent if we have a legal basis to do so, or if your withdrawal of consent was limited to certain processing activities.

7.5 Complain – if you have an EU member account and wish to raise a concern about our use of your information (and without prejudice to any other rights you may have), you have the right to do so with your local supervisory authority or Nextdoor’s lead supervisory authority, the Irish Data Protection Commission.

8.0 Sharing information with third parties

We share information with service providers, affiliates, partners, and other third parties where it is necessary to perform the Member Agreement, to provide the Services, or for any other purposes described in the Policy.

8.1 Content shared within the Nextdoor community – Nextdoor is a platform for neighbours to share helpful information with each other. To that end, we make the content you post on Nextdoor, such as posts, replies, recommendations, messages, and your profile information, visible to other Nextdoor members based on the preferences in your settings, the preferences on the content you provide, and as described in this Policy.  You can learn more here. By default, your name, address and other information you add to your profile will be visible to members in your neighbourhood; your name, address and a subset of your profile information will be visible to members in nearby neighbourhoods; and your recommendations are shared with all members.  You can limit the information visible to other Nextdoor members in the privacy section of your settings.

8.2 Publicly available content –  in limited circumstances (for example, to highlight popular neighbourhood resources or topics on the neighbourhood’s home page), we may make short snippets of content (as defined in the Member Agreement)  available, without your name or other identifying information, to the public (meaning non-members and search engines).

8.3 Marketing and spam – we know that you do not want spam or marketing calls from third parties and we won’t share your contact information with a third party other than as described in this Policy without your authorisation.

8.4 Advertising – if you click on or reply to an advertisement or other offer, we may share your reply with the advertiser and we may log your interaction as part of tracking the overall effectiveness of the advertisement.  We may also pre-populate replies to ads you click on with your contact details, but those details are not shared with the advertiser without your consent.

The Services are supported by third party advertising networks. Our advertising partners use cookies and similar technologies to collect information about our members and their devices over time across Nextdoor and different websites and services. We may also share with our advertising partners device identifiers of our members to help them personalise the ads they see. Where permissible according to applicable law, we may share certain limited personal information about you in hashed form, such as a hashed email address, with our advertising partners and other third parties that help us serve ads. We do this to tailor or target advertising or to identify similar audiences to advertise to.  Our advertising partners may be able to associate this information with you based on your device identifiers or other personal information they have about you. Our advertising partners use the information they collect to provide our members with personalised ads on Nextdoor and on different websites and services, and to measure the effectiveness of the ads.  

For more information about third party use of cookies and similar technologies and about how you can limit the use of your information for personalised online advertising, see our Cookie Policy. Our systems are not currently configured to accept browsers’ “Do Not Track” signals, as no industry-wide standard for handling them has been adopted.

8.5  Third party partners – Nextdoor may partner with third party companies to offer members the ability to book a range of different services, such as home improvement, dog walking, personal training and tutoring.  These offers may be integrated into Nextdoor or Nextdoor may contain links to other websites or apps featuring the offers. In order to tailor these offers to you, we may share limited information with such third parties, such as your neighbourhood or postcode, the business topic of the content you are viewing, or a business search query (for example, a search for “plumber”). When you engage with one of these offers, you may share additional information directly with the third party partner. If you engage with third party partners through Nextdoor, the third parties may share with us certain information about you, such as information about a booking you make with the third party, including type of service, name and address of provider, and the time of booking. These third parties have their own privacy policies, which will apply to your activity if you click on or interact with their offers featured on Nextdoor or other websites or apps.

8.6 Third party vendors and service providers – we may share your personal information with certain third party vendors and service providers to help us operate, provide, improve, understand, customise, support and market our Services. These vendors and service providers are contractually required to use it only to provide their service to us, and contractually barred from using it for their own purposes. (For example, we use a company to help test and analyse the performance of our website and mobile applications. We may also use trusted third party payment processors to accept payments for certain services made available on Nextdoor.)

8.7 Within the Nextdoor corporate family – we may share your information within our “corporate family”, including between Nextdoor, Inc. and Nextdoor EMEA Limited, to help provide, maintain, and improve Nextdoor. As we grow and Nextdoor becomes available in more countries, we may expand our corporate family by establishing local subsidiaries or other affiliates in these countries as needed to help us provide Nextdoor there.

8.8 Business re-organisation – in instances where the business is subject to a re-organisation, such as a merger or acquisition of some or all of its assets, we may, in accordance with our legitimate interests, need to share information in the course of the transaction. In such circumstances, your information may be disclosed, where permitted by applicable law, in connection with a corporate restructuring, sale, or assignment of assets, merger, or other changes of control or financial status of Nextdoor.

8.9 Legal and safety reasons –  we may retain, preserve, or share your personal information if we have a good faith belief that it is reasonably necessary to (a) respond, based on applicable law, to a legal request (e.g. a subpoena, a search warrant, court order, or other request from government or law enforcement); (b) detect, investigate, prevent, and address fraud and other illegal activity, security, or technical issues; (c) protect our rights, property, or safety; (d) enforce our Member Agreement or any other agreements we have with you; (e) prevent physical injury or other harm to any person or entity, including yourself and members of the general public.  For example, we may share your personal information with disaster relief agencies, first responders and other individuals to facilitate disaster or emergency response efforts.

Our legal team reviews every request received from law enforcement and we frequently seek modifications of requests that we believe are procedurally flawed or too broad.

8.10 Aggregated information we share some aggregated information about our neighbourhoods with government agency members and other organisational members, such as statistics about neighbourhood activity and size. Because of the special role played by government agency accounts, we may provide agency accounts with limited identifying personal information (first name and last initial) for neighbourhood Leads, so that the agency can communicate directly with them.

We may also share aggregated or de-identified information with companies we do business with, including our advertisers and partners as well as government agency members or other organisational members.

9.0 Data transfers

If you live outside the United States, we transfer personal information outside the EU in accordance with EU data protection law, including where it is necessary to provide the Services and perform the Member Agreement. We may transfer your information to affiliates, partners and other third parties.

9.1 Standard contractual clauses – we may use a legal mechanism known as “standard contractual clauses” to protect information transferred outside the EU. Standard contractual clauses refer to contracts between companies transferring personal information (for example, from Nextdoor EMEA Limited to Nextdoor, Inc.) that contain standard commitments approved by the EU Commission protecting the privacy and security of the information transferred. To request a copy of the clauses, please email us at

9.2 Privacy Shield – we may also rely on the EU-US Privacy Shield where we transfer your information to the United States, such as to certain of our third party service providers, where such recipients are certified to receive your information under the Privacy Shield Program.

By continuing to use Nextdoor, you understand that we may transfer and store your data outside your home country, including to and in the US, as described in this Policy. The privacy protections and the rights of authorities to access your personal information in some of these countries may not be the same as in your home country. Nextdoor will only transfer personal data as permitted by law and will take steps intended to ensure appropriate protection of your personal information. If you have questions, please contact us.

10.0 Data retention

We retain your information in our server logs, our databases, and our records for as long as necessary to provide the Services. We may need to retain some of your information for a longer period, such as in order to comply with our legal or regulatory obligations, to resolve disputes or defend against legal claims, or to enforce our Member Agreement. We may retain your verification related information for a reasonable period of time (even if you do not complete all verification steps) to assist with future verifications and to prevent abuse of our verification processes. If you decide not to verify the account and would like us to delete the verification information you provided, contact us.

11.0 Additional information

11.1 Account security – Nextdoor uses technical and organisational measures intended to keep your data secure, including using https on our web pages to reduce the risk of unauthorised interception of your communications during your visits to the website. However, the internet is not a fully secure environment and we cannot guarantee that your personal information won’t be intercepted or improperly accessed. Please ensure that you keep your password safe and do not share it with anyone.

11.2 Other Services and websites – in using Nextdoor you may come across links to websites and services operated by third parties (for example, if a member shares a link to a video on YouTube, or if an advertiser provides a link to a contest or sweepstakes). These third parties have their own privacy policies, which will apply to your activity if you click on the link and access their website or service. We do not accept any responsibility or liability for such external sites’ privacy and security practices.

11.3 Amendments to the Policy – from time to time we may make changes to this Policy, so please review it periodically. If we materially change our Policy, we will take steps to notify you in advance of the change, for example by emailing you or by posting a notice in your neighbourhood feed.

12. Your California Privacy Rights

California residents can request and obtain from us once a year and free of charge a list of all third parties if any to which Nextdoor has disclosed certain personal information (as defined by relevant California law) during the preceding calendar year for the third parties’ direct marketing purposes. If you are a California resident and want such a list, please contact us at Nextdoor, Inc., 875 Stevenson Street, Suite 700, San Francisco, CA 94103, Attention: Chief Legal Officer. For all such requests, you must put the statement “Your California Privacy Rights” on your request, as well as your name, street address, city, state, and zip code. Please note that we will not accept these requests by telephone, mail or fax, and we are not responsible for notices that are not labeled or sent properly, or that do not have complete information.

13. Contact Us

If you live in the United States, contact us at Nextdoor, Inc., 875 Stevenson Street, Suite 700, San Francisco, CA 94103. Phone: +1 415-569-7971. Email:

If you live outside of the United States, contact us at Nextdoor EMEA Limited, Digital Depot, Thomas Street West, Dublin 8, Ireland. Email:

If you live in the EU, you can reach our Data Protection Officer at

Last updated: May 20, 2019.